How do I order from you?

Please refer to our how it works section for a complete guide on ordering from us. Also refer to our size chart section for help with clothing fitment.

Once my order is placed, when can I expect it to arrive?

We will ship your order within three to five days via USPS ground mail in a discreet package.

How can I help? 

View donations section.

Who can get free items?

We ask that all shoppers identify as transgender, gender fluid, or non-binary and be in need of clothing to affirm their gender identity

How many items can I get?

In order to make sure everyone has a chance to order what they need we are asking that you limit choices to three items per month.


What do I do if my clothes don’t fit or I don’t like them?

no need to return them to us. Please feel free to give them to a friend or re-donate them to any suitable charity. 

How it works:

All clothing on this site is absolutely free of charge- and, yes, that includes shipping! We ask that all shoppers identify as transgender, gender fluid, or non-binary and be in need of clothing to affirm their gender identity. All packages will be shipped discretely.

Please Note:

Be mindful of sizes and order what you think will fit. (Ordering something that you like but isn’t the right size could mean someone else is missing out on their perfect new outfit!) Please take a look at the size charts to determine your size. If you are still uncertain whether a particular item will fit, feel free to send an email to admin@changeofclothesinc.com and we’ll be happy to help!
Please limit your orders to three items per month. This helps us to reach more people in need of new clothes! Additionally, please remember that we are a very small organization and we run exclusively on donations. If you’ve ordered several items from the same category and you see we are low in stock, please consider leaving inventory for others. We post what we have on the website. If you are looking for something and don’t see it on the site, please check back another time. We aren’t personal shoppers and are unable to purchase specific or individual items to fulfill requests.

Change of Clothes, Inc. will process the order within three to five days. All packages will be shipped discretely. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your new clothes, please feel free to pass them along to a friend or donate them.

That’s all there is to it. Take a peek! We hope you find something that you love.